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Come Surf At Team Ez Wealth – NEW – Surf For TEW Credits!

Team Ez Wealth Is Now Also A Surfing Site!

I just added a new modification to Team Ez Wealth and I am sure it will prove advantageous for all members! Now you can SURF for TEW Credits and add your URLS!

Surf At TEW!

Surf At TEW!

Log in now and go to ‘SURF For Credits’ in your left hand navigation and you will see the new options!  EARN MORE TEW Credits by surfing other members websites! (You will see this new option under the ‘TEW Member Ads’ section so you have to scroll down past there.)

Get MORE TRAFFIC for FREE by adding your website!

Purchase START PAGES and make a serious impression on TEW Surfers!

I am so excited to say the least! Surf Exchanges are very popular and now Team Ez Wealth offers this to it’s members! LOG IN or JOIN NOW for FREE and get surfing!

Full details and instructions inside the site! CLICK HERE!

See you there!

P.S… and as a thank you for reading my emails and checking out the my Team Blog posts, please use promocode: getsurfing for 150 TEW Credits, 1 solo, and 1 banner!

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Posted by Terah - April 12, 2014 at 4:55 pm

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Two New Products Added To The TEW PLR Credit Store!

Have you visited the PLR (Private Label Rights) Credit Store inside Team Ez Wealth?

You can download valuable ebooks and videos with resale rights and resellers kits for FREE with FREE Team Ez Wealth Credits (TEW Credits).

When you join Team Ez Wealth you will see many mentions of Team Ez Wealth Credits. These credits members can earn for free by being active Team Ez Wealth Members. When members click on ads, use promocodes found throughout the site and on this blog, and refer others (plus when your referrals log in), you get valuable TEW Credits!

There is the Team Ez Wealth Credit Store where you can purchase graphics, advertising, even website scripts with your credits. PLUS.. there is the Team Ez Wealth PLR Credit store where you can purchase PLR and MRR packages!

So today I added two new PLR products to the Team Ez Wealth PLR Credit Store. Check them out below and log in (or join for free) and get your products now!


The Skype Method – Get for FREE with TEW Credits!

The Skype Method. “Discover How To Multiply Your Marketing Power By Adding Prospects To Your Opt-In List, AND Your Skype Room At The Same Time!”

So email marketing may not be ‘dead’, but it’s surely not as effective as it was. For example look what Gmails ‘tabs’ has done to your email marketing! If you’re new to the game, then you too know how difficult it is to add and keep subscribers on your list, and profit from them. Plus mail Providers, ISPs, and Your Competitors, All See To It That you’ll NEVER Have The Winning Hand…

“The Purpose Of This Single Method of Skype Direct Linking Is To Help Save Your Business! Innovation Is Key.” You do this by building your email list just as you’ve been doing, but ALSO adding these new subscribers to your Skype room at the same time, with a SINGLE click!

LOG IN NOW (or join for FREE) and grab this great product.


Beginners Online Video Tips – Yours FREE with TEW Credits!

Beginners Online Video Marketing Tips. Did you know that by adding video to your website, plus adding it to video sharing sites like you can dramatically increase your traffic, search engine rankings, and therefore sales? It is true and if you are not using video to boost your traffic and sales you are losing out on potential business!

Get this informative package now to get you on the road to online video marketing! Includes ebook covers, ebook, and 19 pre-written articles that are great for blogging or even creating your own ebook about video marketing! Includes resale rights!

LOG IN NOW (or join for FREE) and grab this great product.

And… as a thank you for reading my emails and blog posts please use promocode: 2newplr for 100 TEW Credits, 1 solo, and 1 traffic link!

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Posted by Terah - December 10, 2013 at 6:58 pm

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Team Ez Wealth Is A ‘Minimal Email Site’

Not only is Team Ez Wealth based in sound business ideas; it is also a very practical site.

That is why Team Ez Wealth now is a ‘Minimal Email Site‘. This means that Team Ez Wealth members will only receive emails from Admin Updates & their upline via the Viral Mailer.

Minimal Email @ Team Ez Wealth!

Minimal Email @ Team Ez Wealth!

In order to earn valuable TEW credits by reading member solos, members now will log into Team Ez Wealth and click solos from the members area.

Why have I made this change? Lets face it… most Internet Marketers email boxes are full of literally thousands (if not a few million) emails from marketing sites.

Not only does this email cause email providers (gmail, yahoo, aol, etc.) to block emails but it is a waste of marketing resources, and rarely do your emails actually get seen let alone read. So this is why I also say Team Ez Wealth is a practical business website.

By ensuring that Team Ez Wealth members can log in and click solos via the members area, member emails will get read, and members can make sure they click on all solos (that would otherwise be lost in your email account) and collect all the valuable TEW Credits they can.

So, please log in, and you can easily see directions to view solos and collect your TEW Credits. Also, Team Ez Wealth members are active and successful Internet Marketers – make sure to seriously check out their offers. You may find success with many of the programs and products being promoted!

Thank you as always for reading my emails and blog posts, please use promocode: minimalemail for 200 TEW Credits, 1 solo, and 2 banner ads!

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Posted by Terah - November 8, 2013 at 12:27 am

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Private Label Rights Products (PLR) Are A Big Part Of My Online Success

Private Label Rights play a huge role in my online business!

And if you are doing business online; they should be a big part of your business too!


Because these products are so versatile with what you can do to leverage them into more sales, traffic, and business.

PLR or Private Label Rights products are downloadable products that are already made for you BUT you can put your name to them and use them any way you choose to help increase your profits online.

How do I use these products?

First of all, I add them as bonus products to my membership sites. For example today I added the product “Autoresponders For Business – A 5 Day Crash Course” to my site Team Ez Wealth as a bonus for my upgraded JV Membership option.  This easy method of using PLR adds value to my upgrade offers to increase my membership sales.

I also added the product “Viral Marketing Madness” to what I call my Team Ez Wealth PLR Credit Store. This section of Team Ez Wealth members can exchange Team Ez Wealth credits (These credits are free to collect – please visit Team Ez Wealth for complete details regarding these credits.) By doing this I have given members incentive to participate in the site at many levels.

I also sell Private Label Right products individually at my online store called ONE DOLLAR PLR. Here you can purchase and download many PLR products from many niches for only $1 each. I get quite a bit of traffic to this site along with sales. It is a very good deal to only pay $1 for each product that you find interesting. Click here to visit ONE DOLLAR PLR.

In fact, today I added the product ‘Secret Of Wealth‘ that comes with resellers package and product for only $1.

You can be very creative with these products and use them in a variety of ways. This is only a small sampling of all that can be done so why not get some PLR (or dust off the ones sitting on your hard drive), and put them to use!

Here is to your success!


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Posted by Terah - August 1, 2013 at 10:18 pm

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Join My Facebook Team Ez Wealth Group Page – Post Your Offers!

Want a place to network your offers too?

Join the Team Ez Wealth’s Facebook Group Page!

CLICK HERE to join this group.

Once you join you can share with other Team Ez Wealth members and other marketers your offers!

Let us know what is working for you!

CLICK HERE to join this group.

AND be sure to visit and join SOLO WARRIORS!
(Get your $200 advertising package free when you join!)

This is a Team members site AND he got his set of graphics for his site FREE with Team Ez Wealth Credits! Team Ez Wealth credits are free to earn and you can exchange them for products like graphics, hosting, PLR, advertising, and MORE!

New Set Of Graphics For Solo Warriors FREE With TEW Credits!

AND… thank you for reading my post. Please use PROMOCODE: facebookgroup for 250 TEW Credits, 1 solo, and 1 banner at Team Ez Wealth!

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Posted by Terah - July 12, 2013 at 11:19 pm

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Get Involved In Team Ez Wealths Ad Coop!

Welcome To Team Ez Wealth’s Ad COOP!

You MUST be a MEMBER of Team EZ Wealth (Click Here To Join) To Participate in this Ad COOP!

Take advantage of my online marketing experience. I’ve been pounding the information highway since 1996, and have impressive organic traffic resources & stats. My online presence speaks for itself. No time to market? Purchase an Ad COOP placement and let me do your marketing for you!”
-Terah Logan, Team EZ Wealth Founder

Check Out These Ad Stats!

Get In On TEW Ad Coop! Check out these stats!

What is Team EZ Wealth’s Ad COOP? Team EZ Wealths Ad COOP is where a Team EZ Wealth member pays a small monthly fee to submit one ad of their choice. The money collected as a group of advertisers in the Ad COOP is used to purchase premium advertising that normally the member would not be able to afford normally.

Click the banner to join!

PLUS You will be ‘Piggy Backing’ on my already successful traffic generation techniques, current traffic flow, and well-constructed sales funnels, blogs, & membership sites. In this way we are able to succeed due to our collective efforts.

Your ad is treated individually and set up according to your niche for targeted results.

–>Your COOP Ad includes HIT STATS!


You Get A
NEW Ad Automatically Added To Your Account Each Month Your Subscription Remains Active! This is a completely new ad for you to post. All your combined ads from prior
months remain active each month – that is an amazing deal! The longer you stay in the Ad COOP the more ads you get rotating!

–>You can buy more then one Ad COOP position! Each position you
purchase is a new ad AND you get a new ad each month for each active subscription as mentioned above.

The Team EZ Wealth Ad COOP is ideal for home business, network marketing, traffic generation products & websites, Downline Builders, Internet Marketing ebooks & downloads, software, health & beauty products, and business or health and beauty blogs.

Click here to see where your ad will rotate.

Examples of where I market your URL:


Although you can advertise any family friendly URL; consider advertising your Team EZ Wealth Affiliate URL for super viral downline and commission building!

[Click here to get your free TEW Affiliate URL]

Your COOP Ad remains active until you cancel your subscription.

PLUS! Team EZ Wealth Members earn 50% Monthly Residual when your referrals
buy into the COOP!

Click the banner to join Team Ez Wealth for free now!

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Posted by Terah - July 3, 2013 at 1:20 am

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25 Internet Marketing Secrets With PLR FREE With TEW Credits!

Get this ebook package with PLR for FREE when you redeem your TEW Credits!

25 Internet Marketing Secrets Unlocked! Free With TEW Credits!

Team Ez Wealth Credits (TEW Credits) get so many valuable products! You can get advertising, graphics, hosting, and PLR easily when you collect and redeem your TEW Credits!

AND TEW Credits are so easy to collect! Click members ads, find promocodes inside the site PLUS find promocodes at the Team Ez Wealth Blog!

I just added this product to the Team Ez Wealth TEW Credit Store!

25 Internet Marketing Secrets – Complete with resale rights and resellers website!

These 25 secrets took the Author of this product from earning nothing to earning quite a bit and these methods have been tested and proven effective!

So log in now and go to ‘PLR Credit Store’ and check out this new product!

You can get this for 8,000 TEW Credits!

Just log in or join now and follow the instructions on how to redeem and get your product!

And as always… thank you for reading my blog posts; please use promocode: 25secrets for 250 TEW Credits, 1 Solo and 1 banner!

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Posted by Terah - June 12, 2013 at 12:40 am

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Get Amazing Click-Throughs On Your Advertising @ Team Ez Wealth

Team Ez Wealth is an amazing website for Internet Marketers and I’ve got the stats to prove it!

Team Ez Wealth is many things. It is a Internet Marketing training site, you can get hosting and buy a website, you can collect free TEW Credits and exchange for valuable products and services BUT one of the things I am most proud of is the effective advertising you can get for free at Team Ez Wealth.

Please watch this video below as I walk you through my account and show you actual advertising stats. These stats prove Team Ez Wealth is a valuable website with fantastic active members and is far from anyone’s waste of time!

And don’t forget – advertising at Team Ez Wealth is pretty much free. From all the promocodes you can find at the blog and throughout the site; to the TEW Credits that you can collect for free and exchange for ads.

Click the video to play – and for better viewing watch full view at youtube in high definition. Then join or log in and post your ads!

And as usual thank you for reading my blog, use promocode: amazingclickthrus for 1 solo, 2 banners, 2 traffic links when you join or log into Team Ez Wealth!

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Posted by Terah - April 18, 2013 at 6:28 pm

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Viral Traffic Generation – The Life Of Your Online Business

I call Team Ez Wealth a Free Viral Business Opportunity.

Some people are not sure what that means and so I am writing this post to clarify.

Viral Traffic Generation For Success Online!

Viral systems on the Internet are systems that you set up once and because you set it up in a certain way, it takes on a life of its own and in a viral way grows on its own.

In the ‘real’ world, a virus is considered a bad thing; online it is a good thing… a very good thing when it pertains to traffic. What I am talking about is a Viral Traffic Generation System and that is what Team Ez Wealth is.

There are many ways to start a viral traffic system online. You may of have heard of viral videos or possibly viral emails. These videos and/or emails have something interesting or funny to them and people pass them on to one another. This can be helpful if you know how to utilize the traffic for your online business; however, most viral traffic created in this way is just wasted and not a penny is earned by the creators of these videos and emails for lack of knowing what they actually have, or it is unplanned and they get instant online popularity but are not prepared.

So how does an Internet Marketer get viral traffic going and working for them?

The best way is to utilize DOWNLINE BUILDERS.

At Team Ez Wealth you have the “FREE TRAFFIC BUIDER”, and what you do is join the programs listed there (which all have to do with building traffic), and update your affiliate ID’s.

Then you simply market your Team Ez Wealth affiliate url (ideally at these different traffic programs listed at the Free Traffic Builder) and the system takes care of it for you so that when you gain referrals by marketing Team Ez Wealth, your referrals will see the Free Traffic Builder and join the programs – which all have your affiliate ID’s embedded!

How easy is that! If you are still a bit confused I suggest you just log in 0r join Team Ez Wealth and just get started – eventually you will see how it works and the results. There is a lot of training at Team Ez Wealth to teach you more.

You will also notice something called a “PERSONAL DOWNLINE BUILDER” at Team Ez Wealth and that has been made so members can add their own traffic and business programs for the same viral effect!

Thank you for reading my post – please log in or join Team Ez Wealth and use promocode: viraltrafficgeneration for 200 TEW Credits, 2 banners, and 1 solo.

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Posted by Terah - March 27, 2013 at 1:54 am

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New IM Consulting Services. Plan To Be An Online Business Winner!

What if you could ‘Pick My Brain’ & employ me and my experience to look at your current Internet Business or Business Idea, and tell you if it is a winner or a loser?

Would that save you time? Would that save you money? Would that save your business? You bet it would!

Log in NOW – or join for free Team Ez Wealth and get your online business BOOMING with my consulting services. (Details inside members area of Team Ez Wealth.)

My name is Terah Logan and I’ve been earning a full-time living online since 1996.
I’ve had some great Internet Businesses and Websites that have earned me BIG money! I’ve also had some losers that cost me more then I’d like to share. :(

But all in all, I’m still here and I’ve developed a secure and reliable business that does not keep me up at night worrying if the bills will be paid…

  • In fact, my bills get paid while I work or play, and also provides me and my family with extras like shopping and travel.
  • I no longer ask myself … “Is this business idea going to work?”, because I know now what works and how to work it!
  • My experience is from the “School Of Hard-Knocks”, and because of the time I’ve spent living and learning online… you don’t have too!

I’d be happy to share my experience and ideas with you… and write them down!
You receive a professionally written business plan that will be good enough to literally take to the bank; or any investor you may be showing your business too for financial aid.

Many times a website business will ‘boom’ and make serious money only to dry out and eventually disappear – Don’t let that happen with your success! I will help you build an Internet Business that not only is a hit; but will last for years to come. A business you can be proud of and even leave for your family when you are gone.

Let me know how I can help; Order your consulting hours below:
(Please note – this is a general guideline I have created as not all business is the same, and there will be some flexibility in your consultation plan if need be.)

1) One Hour Consultation: This is a phone consultation that we discuss your current online business or business idea. If you have a current website this will include an extensive critique of your website. If you do not; this will include a plan for what kind of software you should use and design considerations to keep your business growing. This includes a written PDF file of our phone conversation. Please note time break down: Phone consult time is 40 minutes. Written plan is 20 minutes.
2) Two Hours Consultation: This includes the above 1 hour consultation with 1 hour dedicated to a Traffic Plan. Not all Internet Businesses are equal and each one needs the consideration of a customized Traffic Plan. This includes a written traffic plan. Please note time break down: 60 minutes Phone Consulting time. 60 Minutes written business and traffic plan.
3) Three Hours Consultation: This includes the above 2 hours of consulting time. The additional hour we work on constructing a ‘Mission Statement’, that is mandatory for any successful business and a ‘Definite Purpose Statement’ for your personal use that is mandatory for any goal setting and achievement. This also includes a constructed time-line of your goals in order to achieve your mission & purpose statement. Included in this additional hour is an Internet Business Training ebook pack – the ebooks and manuals I use to acheive online success, and I discuss these principles with you. Please note time break down: 1hr 15 min Phone Consulting time. 1 hr 45 minute business, traffic, and Mission Statement written plan. This step is incredibly important for the success of any business. It is not ‘new age thinking’ but rather timeless advice handed down from the most successful business men and women of our time.
4) Four Hours Consultation: This includes the above 3 hours of consulting. Included is the creation a professionally written sales letter up to 700 words. This letter you can use as well for your websites main page. Please note time break down: 1hr 30 minutes Phone Consulting time. 2hrs 30 minutes business, traffic, and Mission Statement written plan, sales letter creation.
5) Five Hours Consultation: This includes the above 4 hours of consulting time plus the creation of a business blog. You cannot have a serious online business if you are not at least blogging about it! Also included is a newsletter set up with the form installed on your blog and free pro autoresponder account with 5 professionally written autoresponder messages for your new newsletter. Don’t fool yourself that you can run a business without an autoreponder, newsletter, and blog! You will be given several blog templates to choose from. All templates are specalized for Internet Business and heavily monetized. Please note time break down: 1hr 45 minute phone consulting time. 3 hrs 14 minutes business, traffic, and Mission Statement written plan, sales letter creation. blog design, newsletter creation, and 5 professionally written autoresponder messages.
6) Six Hours Consultation: This includes the above 5 hours of consulting time plus the creation of your website/and or script installation – one website, (does not include any script or software you may need to purchase), plus header, footer, and background graphics and animated promotional banners for your business. (468×60, 125×125. 250×250, 600×300, 728×90 banners). Please note time break down: 2 hrs phone consulting. 4 hours business, traffic, and Mission Statement written plan, sales letter creation. blog design, newsletter creation, and 5 professionally written autoresponder messages, website creation/installation and graphics as described creation.
7) Seven Hours Consultation: This includes the above 6 hours plus additional hour for your social media set up. Facebook fan page, twitter, Google plus+, and any specialized social media pertaining to your business. Please note time breakdown: 2 hrs 15 minutes phone consulting. 4 hrs 45 minutes 4 hours business, traffic, and Mission Statement written plan, sales letter creation. blog design, newsletter creation, and 5 professionally written autoresponder messages, website creation/installation, graphics as described creation, and social media set up.
Additional Hours: Discounts are offered for purchases of multiple hours. These hours would be used for custom work on your websites, as well as any advice or questions you may have that go beyond the hours you have paid for. I can also be retained for businesses that need an ‘on-site’ Internet Marketing consultant. This is a general break down of time; but my goal is to provide you with the best possible service and information so some flexibility in your plan is anticipated.

*Team Ez Wealth members earn commission for each hour your referrals buy. Free earn 5%, Jv earn 10%

Log in NOW – or join for free Team Ez Wealth and get your online business BOOMING with my consulting services.

-Terah Logan. Founder Team Ez Weatlh

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Posted by Terah - January 8, 2013 at 1:31 am

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