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Graphic Design By

Attractive graphics can increase your sales by 60%!

I have often not purchased something online simply because the graphics or the site design looked like it was done by an amateur.

If you are going to be in business online, and you are going to have a website, invest a little bit in some professionally designed graphics.

And when you order your graphics from Discount Graphic Design, that is truly what you will be investing… a ‘little’. With complete graphics sets for as little as $50 it is a small investment that will easily be returned.

Your website visitors and customers will be more likely to buy from you when the graphics are attractive and add to the over all appeal of what you are selling online.

Check out the various designs below by DISCOUNT GRAPHIC DESIGN – Click here to order your website graphics, banners, and splash pages!

You can click each image to visit the site or to view the original size of the graphic.

Complete Graphic Set For Hippie Surf.

Complete Graphic Set For Right There Traffic

Complete Set For Ad Board Marketing

Splash Page For

Banner Set For Ad Express

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Posted by Terah - October 15, 2013 at 1:42 am

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Why Do Splash Pages Work? How To Make Effective Splash Pages.

Splash Pages work because they make an instant and profound impression on the potential customer.

At least that is what they are suppose to do!

Tell Your Customer "What's In It For Them" To Encourage Sales!

Do your Splash Pages POP? Do you find them effective?

If you are not getting the results you want from your Splash Pages then consider this proven and trusted marketing concept….

Your Splash Pages should tell the potential customer right away WHAT IS IN IT FOR THEM – ideally in the top heading portion of the splash page.

People are in a hurry to find out what is in it for them all the time; it is human nature. They don’t care that your product comes in various colors, is the best out there (because you say so), or was seen on TV (google, yahoo, aol).

What the consumer cares about is WHAT WILL YOUR PRODUCT DO FOR THEM. Specifically, how will your product make their lives better and more enriched?

Does your product save time, money, or effort? Will your product make your customer happier, wealthier, skinnier?

If so then tell them… RIGHT AWAY! If you are focusing on the fact your website is ‘new’ and you are very excited about how your website/business/product makes you feel, then forget it they won’t care. BUT if you can tell them how your website/business/product will IMPROVE an aspect of their lives then you have a winner!

Keep this tip in mind when you are designing your splash pages and even writing your ad copy. If you are writing emails, ad, and headings that don’t tell the consumer what is in it for them then you are wasting your time and effort. Every single word that you use in your advertising efforts should speak to the consumer about what is in it for them… not a single subject otherwise!

I hope you will find this tip helpful and don’t forget to check out the tutorials so that you can make, along with compelling headings and copy, attractive pages – click here for Splash Page Tutorials.

AND… don’t forget, if you upgrade at Splash Page Advertising you get a FREE PRO Autoresponder Account over at Rapid Responder Pro. It has been proven that your customer may not get the message “what is in it for them” right away so including an opt-in form on your splashes will increase your contact attempts, sales, and of course your list.

Click here for information about upgrading at Splash Page Advertising.

Thank you for reading my post… please visit my new site MY FREE GIFTS for some nice free downloads… no email or credit card required! Click Here!

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Posted by Terah - April 29, 2013 at 12:03 am

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New Valentines Day Clipart @

It’s always good business practice to be aware of holidays and special days and to get your business participating in these days!

Valentines day is not necessarily a holiday; but it is a special day and you can show your customers you are in the sweetheart mood by creating splash pages that reflect Valentines Day!

New Valentines Day Clipart @

Not only can you decorate your splash pages (and websites as well) with Valentines day art; but you can also give special promo’s and deals that play on this fun and romantic day.

No matter what business you are in; you can play around with this theme.

You don’t just have to be in the flower, candy, or jewelry business… anyone can have fun with love!

So log in now or join, and go to your clipart section of and scroll down to the bottom of this page to see, and use, this new Valentines Day clipart for your pages!

Here’s to your SWEET success!

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Posted by Terah - January 10, 2013 at 12:46 am

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Get Your Share Of Happy Visitors & Make Free Splashpages!

A happy customer is a customer that will buy – get your share!

I really enjoy designing graphics for ZenCart, and this new design really makes me happy… literally!

Happy is my newest Zen Cart design and I love the colors and brightness.

Do you need graphics for your website, zencart, WP Blog, or TAE?

Email me at and lets chat about your graphic design needs!

My prices are reasonable and turn-around fast!

Check out Happy Visitor and see what I am saying:

New Graphics For

So how do you convert a Happy Visitor to a customer? Use Splash Pages!

Create two free splash pages at and see the change in your sales.

Did you know you only have, max… 7 seconds to make a first impression when a person visits your website. If you site has lots of info, links, and pages that load slowly - you will lose the visitor more then likely because of how little time you have to convert them into customers.

What is an Internet Marketer to do?

Utilize SPLASH PAGES! A splash page is specifically designed to load fast, and IMMEDIATELY tell your visitor WHAT IS IN IT FOR THEM! A splash page CAN do that in 5 seconds or less if designed correctly.

AND once you have gotten your visitors attention, and they understand what is in it for them and they click through to your main site, you have a lot more time to sell them your service or products.

Visit Splash Page Advertising. Join for free, watch the tutorials, and begin to benefit from using Splash Pages in your marketing!

Create FREE Splash Pages @

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Posted by Terah - October 21, 2012 at 4:35 pm

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New Graphic Optin Forms, Webpages, & Testimonal Templates – FREE!

It’s amazing what you get for FREE @

Don’t pay for graphics, banners, and website design when you can download all you need for free at

This week I updated with 6 sets of optin forms, html webpages, and testimonial templates!

Free Optin Form Template From

Download these samples and more.

Free members enjoy 6 different templates.

Upgraded get PSD source codes, resellers rights, PLUS 9 more templates!

Free Optin Forms @

Click here to join now!

Download these and much more – banners, graphics, html templates, and royalty free audio tracks!

Testimonial HTML Templates Free @


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Posted by Terah - September 22, 2012 at 12:36 am

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Free PRO Autoresponder When You Upgrade @

Get A FREE PRO Autoresponder Account When You Upgrade!

You can join for free and create two fully functional splash pages; and you can upload two of your own graphics.

But why not upgrade? You get so much more for only $4.99 a month!

When you upgrade you can make up to 500 splash pages and upload up to 100 of your own photos.

PLUS you get some fantastic downloads!

BUT NOW… When you upgrade you get a FREE LIFETIME Autoresponder account at Rapid Responder PRO!(Click to see… opens in a new window.)

Free Lifetime Rapid Responder PRO account with every Splash Page Advertising Upgrade!

Rapid Responder PRO is a totally pro autoresponder service that creates landing pages for you; or you can insert the HTML code in any page… like your splash pages from!

How do you get this deal?

It’s easy! Simply join and upgrade from inside your members area. Then go to and sign up BUT DON’T PAY!

Our friendly staff will see you have upgraded and also joined Rapid Responder PRO and will manually upgrade your account.

Join now – Splash Pages work.. Autoresponders work.. this is a match made in Internet Marketing Heaven!


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Posted by Terah - June 26, 2012 at 11:37 pm

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Splash Pages & New Graphics Sets

Very busy weekend for graphics!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I had a nice time with family and enjoyed working as well.

Nice when work is not work. :)

Crazy Kash wanted a new Splash Page design for its members. I do have the free Splash Page creator over at but sometimes clients just want more custom work!

New Splash Page Design For Crazy Kash.

And Wolf Pack Text Ads got a nice set of graphics. Header, Footer, Background, and Three Static Banners.

New Graphic Set For Wolf Pack Text Ads

My design company is and you might have seen some of my websites around.

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Posted by Terah - February 13, 2012 at 6:49 pm

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Free Clipart & Splash Pages

Busy week as usual! I wear many hats!

Today was a fun day for me as I got to work on my website FREECLIPART4.ME.

This is a free membership site where you can download clipart, banners, website templates, blog templates, headers, footer, backgrounds and even music and royalty free audio!

I updated the site today with various buttons for websites! If you join for free you can download these items and hundreds more for your website!

Download Free Clipart & Website Graphics @

Also, Splash Page Advertising is going strong and today I updated the Splash Page Advertising Blog with some helpful HTML tips for making more effective Splash Pages. Click here to read my latest Splash Page Advertising Blog entry.

I hope everyone had a fantastic day and remember to focus and keep your eye on the prize!


Your Friend In Sucess - Terah Logan

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Posted by Terah - February 9, 2012 at 4:11 am

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