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25 Internet Marketing Secrets With PLR FREE With TEW Credits!

Get this ebook package with PLR for FREE when you redeem your TEW Credits!

25 Internet Marketing Secrets Unlocked! Free With TEW Credits!

Team Ez Wealth Credits (TEW Credits) get so many valuable products! You can get advertising, graphics, hosting, and PLR easily when you collect and redeem your TEW Credits!

AND TEW Credits are so easy to collect! Click members ads, find promocodes inside the site PLUS find promocodes at the Team Ez Wealth Blog!

I just added this product to the Team Ez Wealth TEW Credit Store!

25 Internet Marketing Secrets – Complete with resale rights and resellers website!

These 25 secrets took the Author of this product from earning nothing to earning quite a bit and these methods have been tested and proven effective!

So log in now and go to ‘PLR Credit Store’ and check out this new product!

You can get this for 8,000 TEW Credits!

Just log in or join now and follow the instructions on how to redeem and get your product!

And as always… thank you for reading my blog posts; please use promocode: 25secrets for 250 TEW Credits, 1 Solo and 1 banner!

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Posted by Terah - June 12, 2013 at 12:40 am

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Love Is In The Air! $1 Relationship Products from

Love is in the air! Or at least it will be in a month! Valentines Day!

Prepare yourself for this special day and earn a bit of cash with these fun resellers packages for only $1.

Relationship PLR Products For Valentines Day - Only $1

Click here to visit One Dollar PLR’s Valentines Selection of relationship products:

Why pay more? Select the products you want and only pay $1

These products include attractive resellers kits that you edit with your own payment info.

Sell them individually!

Bundle them up and add them to your One-Time Offers!

Add them to your Niche Blogs and Niche membership sites!

PLR is a very viable way to earn online!

PLUS browse all the other selections at One Dollar PLR!

Business, Internet Marketing, Relationships, Health and MORE!

To your success!

Terah –

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Posted by Terah - January 13, 2013 at 7:50 pm

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Achieve Your Goals & Dreams In 2013. $1 Products To Help You Get There!

What are your goals for 2013?

It’s a great time of the year for new ideas and new thinking.

Happy New Years! Have A Fantastic 2013!

The energy is high for making changes and feeling better.

I’ve uploaded some new $1 Private Label Rights products that focus on goal setting, quiting bad habits, and self-improvement.


As the the great Napeolin Hill stated “If the mind can conceive, and believe, it can ACHIEVE!”

Check out these downloads to help you FOCUS, and ACHIEVE your dream life in 2013… I know that is what I’ll be doing!

Visit here:

And view these titles:

*Easy Quit System – Quit Smoking Forever Hypnosis
*Goal Setters Sanctuary – Achieve Your Goals
*Health & Fitness 101 – Get A Spartans Body!
*Hone Your Habits – Break Bad Habits. Increase Good Habits
*Simple Weight Loss Recipes – How the right food can help weight loss.
*The Sugar Solution – Stop Sugar Cravings

And there are many more $1 products to help you make 2013 a FANTASTIC YEAR!

All $1 products come with resale rights and resellers kits!

Visit NOW!

See you there!

To your success in 2013…
Your friend,
Terah Logan

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Posted by Terah - December 29, 2012 at 1:04 am

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New Downloads @ and $1 PLR – Become A Best Selling Author On Amazon!

Do you love Private Label Rights as much as I do?

Whether I give them away like at my site MyFreeGifts. us

Or sell them super cheap (only $1), at my other site OneDollarPLR. info

I can’t get enough!

Today I had a great time loading up MY FREE GIFTS with three new products you can keep and enjoy – even give away to friends if you want!

Click the link so see what I uploaded today! (No email or credit card required!)

And I enjoyed posting; and even reading myself, two new great products at ONE DOLLAR PLR.

Terah Logan - Blogger.

These two products can help you become a BEST SELLING AUTHOR!


You can download this product for $1 and seriously learn what it takes to write ebooks that will end up on Amazons top ten list!

This is a video series that you will love… for only $1

AND… the second product is “KINDLE MARKETING MANIA!”

More insanely valuable info about writing a best selling book in the Kindle Market.

And only for… yes… $1

Visit these two sites – these ebooks can help you with success!

Here is to your success (on Amazon)!

Your friend,

Terah Logan

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Posted by Terah - October 28, 2012 at 5:40 am

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Are You Going To Earn From The Halloween Holiday? Halloween Graphics & Clipart

Are you ready for the PROFITABLE yet goes fast Halloween Holiday!

Take a minute to be fun & festive and yes…. It does help sales!

Be part of what’s going on – stay current and your website
visitors will see you are ‘home’ and the ‘lights are on’.

This translates into sales!

Halloween is a fun festive day and you can have a great time with
your promos!

Especially with the NEW for 2012 HALLOWEEN FUN GRAPHICS SET!

Click now – this is ORIGINAL graphics – with PLR and source codes
and resellers website!

Download The Halloween Fun Graphics & Clipart Set!

Download The Halloween Fun Graphics & Clipart Set!

Show your fun side! Being in touch with current events shows
your visitors you are real and that helps to build relationships!
That helps build sales!


To your success!

Terah Logan

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Posted by Terah - September 24, 2012 at 4:39 pm

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Free & Products For $1 To Help You Earn Online!

Check out these FREE downloads as well as these products for only $1:

10,000That Sell Like Crazy
PLR Riches – 7 Day Ecourse To Finally Earn From PLR

Time Management For Internet Marketers
Mind Memory Mastery – Gain Mastery Over Your Mind & Life!
100 Techniques To Increase Your Sales
–>$1 PRODUCTS (With Resellers Rights!):
Bank Money Fast – Video Series Shows You How!
Connecting With Busy People – How To Connect In Todays Fast Paced World!
Membership Site Magic – Unlock Membership Site Secerts & EARN!
Work At Home Profits – Insider Info On Best Home Biz Opportunities
Facebook Marketing Mania – Market To People On Facebook Successfully
Time Management For Marketers – Learn To Master Time!
Marketing With Splashpages – SplashPageAdvertising. com
Yoga Blog – Success In Life Through Stress Management

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Posted by Terah - August 9, 2012 at 7:37 pm

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New MRR Graphics Set @

Summer Is Around The Corner!

…One of my favorite things to do is make original MRR graphic sets.

I call this my “Rock n’ Roll” money – meaning I make it once, and I earn royalties over and over again!

So… introducing my NEW MRR Graphics set! (MRR means Master Resale Rights.)

Instantly Jazz up your websites this summer with the American Dream & Summer Fun Graphics Set!

American Dream & Summer Fun Graphics Set

This is a BRAND NEW Graphics set with Resellers rights – this means you can get in NOW and EARN!

New and original - GRAPHICS BY

(Graphics by Terah Logan)


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Posted by Terah - March 29, 2012 at 3:12 am

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Amazing Alexa Ranking & Great Beauty Tips!

Alexa just loves my site!

Click here to see how well we rate!

Splash Page Advertising does so well with traffic ranking because of the nature of the program. It is naturally viral with members creating pages and linking the pages to other sites.  PLUS the built in affiliate program makes it easy for members to earn.

If you are not a member of Splash Page Advertising you HAVE to join! Create a few pages now and reap the benefits of our amazing Alexa Ranking as we grow and get AMAZING search engine results due to the popularity!  Your pages will be instantly indexed and put in Search Engines – another built in benefit!  Click the banner to join!

And on another topic – is also another site of mine doing very well and I am spending time getting new $1 products up.

100 Beauty Tips Report For $1

PLR means Private Label Rights and not only are these ebooks and downloads are very good for your own personal use; the PLR part means you can resell them for 100% profit. Most good PLR products come with editable resellers kits!

I love the tips in this report. I have saved money and time learning new things about skin and hair care from this report. I have it now for sale for only $1 at One Dollar PLR – click here to purchase!


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Posted by Terah - March 15, 2012 at 3:49 am

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Travel On A Budget and Other $1 Products!

Do you want to travel but money always gets in the way?

If you know how to travel like the PRO’s – as in the Travel Agents – then you know how to travel on a little budget and you know how to make your money stretch on vacation!

Today I worked on my website One Dollar PLR.

And I added this new product: 101 Tips For Traveling On A Budget

101 Tips For Traveling On A Budget

You can also learn how to plan affordable vacations for you and your family every year!

I hope you will take a look at this ebook if traveling is your dream.

One thing for sure about working at home from my computer is that traveling is totally do-able!

As well as living and working where and when I want.

Let me know how I can help you build dreams of prosperity and happiness!

I also suggest you check out my free business opportunity TEAM EZ WEALTH.

I wish you success in your endeavors and thank you for reading my blog!

Your friend in success,

Terah Logan


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Posted by Terah - February 22, 2012 at 4:53 am

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