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Happy 2014 – Downloads For Your Resolutions!

I hope that 2014 brings you endless happiness and prosperity!


Happy New Year! Great Downloads!

This is the time of year we take stock in our lives and reflect on what we can do to make the new year better then the past year.

We make resolutions and think about habits we should give up.

But that can be hard to do only your own without helpful information…

Visit One Dollar PLR for some great New Year Resolutions ebooks that are only $1!

PLUS… all come with resale rights and resellers kits!

Lose weight, break bad habits, quit smoking with these helpful ONE DOLLAR PRODUCTS:

7 Week Slim Down

Easy Quit Smoking System

Goals Setter Sanctuary

Get A Spartans Body

Hone Your Habits – Break Bad Habits, Increase Good Habits

Simple Weight Loss Recipes

The Sugar Solution – Stop Sugar Cravings

8 Self Help Hypnosis Tracks – Including Stop Smoking & Weight Loss

Check out all the quality $1 Ebooks & Downloads at One Dollar PRL!

Your friend,
Terah Logan – Admin

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ANEW Skin Care: Department Store Quality – Drug Store Prices!

It’s so important to invest in your skin; but you don’t have to break the bank!

The ANEW Reversalist Skin Care Line. Ideal for women in their 40'sThe ANEW Reversalist Skin Care Line. Ideal for women in their 40′s

With AVON’S ANEW Skin Care line you can get excellent products that work for a fraction of the cost of department store brands.

AND often enough AVON has great deals to help you save even more on their already low priced skin care.

AVON has a large selection of creams, washes, and treatments for you to choose from.

Myself – being in my 40′s, I use the ANEW Reversalist line of products.

Not sure what you should use?

Click here for the ANEW Regime Selector – this PDF shows you the best products for your daily skin care routine based on your skin care concerns.

Click here for the ANEW Special Treatment Guide- this PDF is for specific concerns you may have that you feel need additional treatments on top of your regular skin care routine.

Click here to learn in what order you should use your treatments – Avon has many products for specific concerns and this will show you get the most out of your products.

I feel that one reason I do so well promoting and selling AVON is that I use and believe in the products. My skin looks and feels great and I have confidence that I am looking my best with AVON products.

All AVON products come with a money back guarantee and I am happy to get you samples for you to try. CLICK HERE to shop online or call me 760-459-7022 for personalized service.

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Become An Avon Representative & Be On My Team!

Join The Avon Opportunity!

I’ve become an Avon Representative and so excited that I made that choice!

My name is Terah Logan and I have been shopping myself with Avon for several years - I am happy to share my new opportunity with you!

Earn with an amazing company! For MEN and Women! Click the here for info to get started. Use REFERENCE CODE: terahlogan

(Several Men in my district are top earners in AVON!)

I help my Avon Team Succeed – My 16 years online marketing experience will get you going! Only $10 to start and you get a fantastic welcome kit! 

Join by clicking this link for more info.

PLUS browse my online brochure at your leisure. Now you can purchase your favorite Avon products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while still enjoying free delivery and the unmatched Avon tradition of personal service!

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Dress For Success – Get up and feel good.

It’s easy to forget how you look when you work at home!

I would know – I fell into that trap! I would get up. Shower when I felt like it, do my hair when I felt like it and that was pretty much it.

I got lazy working at home. Now that was a few years ago and I’ll tell you my business reflected in some ways how I felt about my appearance.

Then I read a few articles about dressing for success and how it can really help you start your day right. No matter if you are going to an important meeting; to your job, or working from home – dress for success. When I kept this in mind – I felt better about myself and worked harder.

Dressing for success does not have to be elaborate or expensive. A nice pair of wrinkle free jeans and clean pressed casual shirt is great. Point is you are neat and presentable – don’t laugh… it makes a difference!

Also – accessories are great. Guys get a nice watch – even a ‘fake’ copy at a flea market that is cheap but looks good. Fake it till you make it baby!

Guys and Gals… pay attention to your shoes! Casual clothes really go far with a good pair of shoes. Don’t skimp on the shoes – they can really make your ‘cheap’ clothes go far.

And for my women business associates, I’d also like to recommend associates of mine product line – these are fantastic dress for success accessories!

Introducing GRACE ADELE ™ Click To Visit The Site! 

Grace Adele Accessories

Grace Adele is a stunning line of bags, clutches, wallets,clip-ons, and accessories, put together with coordinating jewelry and scarves to help you easily customize your look on a moment’s notice.

It’s a simple style system that takes the guesswork out of looking great, and helps women express themselves with more confidence and control. We believe style should be easy, so we designed the line to balance beauty with an Intelligent Interior in every Grace Adele bag, so you can have a place for everything in designed pockets, pouches, and slots.

Grace Adele has five beautiful bags and six designer clutches all in the same seven core colors so you can build limitless looks that work just right for you.

To create a look with Grace Adele, just follow five simple steps: Pick My Color, Choose My Bag, Add My Clutch, Style My Bag, and then Style Me.  And with competitive pricing and Stylish Savings bundles, great style is also a great value. Have a great day!

Wilma & Hal Turchin Independent Grace Adele Consultants wilma@

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Posted by Terah - August 20, 2012 at 5:13 pm

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Managing Stress Equals Success In Life

No matter how much money you have in the bank, if your mind is not at ease nothing will make you happy.

There are times in my life when I have had plenty of money and no friends. There were other times I had many friends but no money.  The time I had the most friends is the time I recall being happiest out of the two.

Balance is key. Today I have a healthy balance of family, friends, and work. And if I feel I am losing touch in any of these areas I have the tools to get focused and back on track.

What are these tools?

For me, I use Yoga to help manage stress and well as thought and behavior self-help techniques. I realized a while ago that only I could really make myself happy; and once that happened and I began to really take care of myself, quality friends and work appeared in my life.

Visit my YOGA BLOG to get some stress management ideas to help you find balance in your life too.

Yoga For Beginners For Only $1

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Posted by Terah - July 24, 2012 at 2:59 pm

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Amazing Alexa Ranking & Great Beauty Tips!

Alexa just loves my site!

Click here to see how well we rate!

Splash Page Advertising does so well with traffic ranking because of the nature of the program. It is naturally viral with members creating pages and linking the pages to other sites.  PLUS the built in affiliate program makes it easy for members to earn.

If you are not a member of Splash Page Advertising you HAVE to join! Create a few pages now and reap the benefits of our amazing Alexa Ranking as we grow and get AMAZING search engine results due to the popularity!  Your pages will be instantly indexed and put in Search Engines – another built in benefit!  Click the banner to join!

And on another topic – is also another site of mine doing very well and I am spending time getting new $1 products up.

100 Beauty Tips Report For $1

PLR means Private Label Rights and not only are these ebooks and downloads are very good for your own personal use; the PLR part means you can resell them for 100% profit. Most good PLR products come with editable resellers kits!

I love the tips in this report. I have saved money and time learning new things about skin and hair care from this report. I have it now for sale for only $1 at One Dollar PLR – click here to purchase!


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