New Graphics & Banners For Ultimate Ads!

Ultimate Ads Looks HOT!

I just finished this design and the customer is very happy. I think the design looks great myself!

The customer ordered a complete graphic set that included a header, background, footer, and 3 animated banners.

To order your COMPLETE SET OF GRAPHICS for your website (Membership sites, Text Ad Exchanges, Surf Exchanges, Sales Pages, Zen Cart, Splash Pages, Custom work and more!) visit DISCOUNT GRAPHIC DESIGN and check out the amazing work and even more AMAZING PRICES!

Compete Website Graphic Sets

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Posted by Terah - April 2, 2014 at 7:04 pm

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Graphic Design – Keeping Me Busy! (And I’m Grateful!)

What a gift it is to earn online doing the things I love!

I love to market, and create compelling sales copy, and of course to express my creativity with Graphic Design. And how awesome that these things help me to enjoy life and do much more then just pay my bills.

Gratitude is one way to increase your prosperity and yes, I am grateful for my skills as a designer and that I earn designing and being able to work from home.

Graphics are an important part of a website, between well written sales copy, and the graphics; these two things can make or break your sales!

Think about it, if your sales copy has grammar and spelling mistakes and your graphics are (for lack of a better word) UGLY, you will be scaring away customers!

Don’t let that happen; invest in quality sales copy and graphics and you can thank me later for this advice on your way to the bank! (No, it does not have to be an expensive investment either!)

This week I did a fun and bright design for Solo Mailer

Click the banner below to check out the design and then visit DISCOUNT GRAPHIC DESIGN, to order your graphics! Order inexpensive website sets, banner sets, sales and splash pages!

See you there and thank you for visiting my blog. :)


Graphics By

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Posted by Terah - April 1, 2014 at 1:08 am

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Free Social Media Graphics At

Free Social Media Graphics at

I am excited to tell you that today I updated!

Lots of new Social Media Stuff!

Today log in (or join for free and go to “Social Media Graphics” and you will see 4 new items added.

Two sets of Facebook Time Line Covers and two sets of Social Media Icons!

Free Social Media Icons At

Free members enjoy 10 total new FB Covers and 9 High Quality Social Media Icons!

UPGRADED MEMBERS… you enjoy 40 new FB Covers and 36 High Quality Social Media Icons!

PLUS>>> UPGRADED MEMBERS… You get 60 SMART Facebook Covers with PSD files to edit using free GIMP, Photoshop, or Photoshop elements AND 100 Web Icons! Log in now!

FREE Members… why not upgrade? You can see the value and I just keep adding to the site with Upgraded members getting more, PSD files, and RESALE Rights!

Free members check out your log in offer for a great discount!

See you there!

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Posted by Terah - October 22, 2013 at 11:46 pm

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Graphic Design By

Attractive graphics can increase your sales by 60%!

I have often not purchased something online simply because the graphics or the site design looked like it was done by an amateur.

If you are going to be in business online, and you are going to have a website, invest a little bit in some professionally designed graphics.

And when you order your graphics from Discount Graphic Design, that is truly what you will be investing… a ‘little’. With complete graphics sets for as little as $50 it is a small investment that will easily be returned.

Your website visitors and customers will be more likely to buy from you when the graphics are attractive and add to the over all appeal of what you are selling online.

Check out the various designs below by DISCOUNT GRAPHIC DESIGN – Click here to order your website graphics, banners, and splash pages!

You can click each image to visit the site or to view the original size of the graphic.

Complete Graphic Set For Hippie Surf.

Complete Graphic Set For Right There Traffic

Complete Set For Ad Board Marketing

Splash Page For

Banner Set For Ad Express

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Posted by Terah - October 15, 2013 at 1:42 am

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New Updates @ Download Free Graphics & Clipart!

Looking for Clip Art, Graphics, and Website Design Downloads?

Then you have to check out FREECLIPART4.ME

This is a free membership site that you can download a huge assortment of free website graphics, sales graphics, business clipart and MORE!

Today I updated the site with three sets of Order Now & Buy Now buttons!

Free Order Now & Buy Now Buttons @

There is much to download for free at however; if you UPGRADE, you get so much MORE for a one-time payment! Join now and check out the OTO and Log In Offers!

And so today I also updated the UPGRADED MEMBERSHIP products. upgraded members enjoy these products: (and as an upgraded member you also get RESALE RIGHTS on ALL downloads!)

6 Time Warning Graphics

Time Warning Graphics For Upgraded Members!

11 One-Time Offer Alerts

11 One-Time Offer Graphics!

15 Attention Signs

15 Attention Signs!


These all come with resale rights and the PSD files that you can open and edit with gimp (free open source image editing software), or photoshop. Of course you can just use these images as is!

So, join now or log in if you are already a member and download your new goodies!

To your success! :)

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Posted by Terah - September 2, 2013 at 8:53 pm

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Free Internet Marketing Graphics – Download Your Set Today!

Free Internet Marketing Graphics

Download Your Free Internet Marketing Graphics!

100% Free Internet Marketing Graphics!

How would you like to get your hands on a set of 100% FREE Internet Marketing Graphics?

It’s easy!


Just click the link below and you will see this LIMITED TIME offer!

*Order Buttons
*Guarantee Sheilds
*Urgent Offer Graphics

Click the link below and get your FREE set of INTERNET MARKETING GRAPHICS!

Free is good! ;)


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Posted by Terah - August 28, 2013 at 12:00 am

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Vintage Badges & Sales Page Scribbles NEW At Free Clipart 4 Me

NEW Free Clip Art & Graphics Added At!

I hope you are enjoying the summer! I’ve been taking a bit of time off but back at it updating Free Clipart 4 Me and I’ve uploaded some incredible looking clipart!

First of all log in now (or join for free) to and go to your ‘Business & Sales Clipart’ and check out the 6 NEW sets of VINTAGE BADGES! These are great looking certificates and guarantee clip art sets!

FREE Vintage Badges @

FREE members get a nice selection BUT Upgraded members get MORE badges, with blank versions AND PSD files and font info! PLUS Upgraded members get RESALE RIGHTS!

Free members why not upgrade? Check out your log in offer!

PLUS just added for UPGRADED MEMBERS … you guys get a HUGE package of 613 Sales Page Scribbles and Phrases! These are solid marketing phrases to totally improve your sales page performances PLUS these phrases come in transparent png format in 5 different fonts, 3 different sizes, and 3 different colors!

613 Sales Phrases In 5 Fonts, 3 Sizes, & 3 Colors!

Log in now and go to your ‘Bonus Resellers Kits’ section and scroll down to the bottom to grab your package. WARNING… this is a huge package so be patient downloading!

FREE members… again why not consider upgrading – for a one-time fee you can keep getting more and more graphics and art!

Log in now!

To your success!

Your friend and admin,

Terah Logan

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Posted by Terah - July 26, 2013 at 11:51 pm

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New Graphics For Traffic Clips! PLUS Free Ads & Upgrade!

Join Traffic Clips NOW!

Why? Because it has an awesome set of graphics on it!

(And you can get free ads and a free upgraded membership.)

Of course I think so because I designed them; and you too can get an amazing set of graphics for only $50 from Discount Graphic Designclick here to see the fantastic prices on graphics!

Join Traffic Clips now for free and grab your free upgrade and free advertising!


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Posted by Terah - July 25, 2013 at 10:54 pm

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New Graphics For Instant Free Traffic & Just Right Traffic!

Colorful New Graphic Sets From Discount Graphic Design!

Two new sites are enjoying new headers, footers, and banners!

Instant Free Traffic & Just Right Traffic have over 300 members each and the admin felt new graphics were in order.

If you site does not have attractive and colorful graphics you could be losing sales! Attractive graphics gives your site professionalism that encourages trust and confidence in your website visitors that often converts into sales!

And… a full set of graphics does not have to be expensive! At my site Discount Graphic Design you can get a full set of graphics that include 3 animated banners for $50! Visit Discount Graphic Design and get your new set of graphics with very fast turn around! Many satisfied customers!

New Graphics For Just Right Traffic

New Graphics For Instant Free Traffic!



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Posted by Terah - July 16, 2013 at 11:33 pm

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Members Say “ Is AWESOME!” *Free Downloads*

Are you looking for some fantastic free downloads?

Then join…. for free… my site FREECLIPART4.ME!

Download Free Graphics, Banners, Website Templates, Audio, Fonts and MORE!

I get emails all the time from members just loving this site!

There is a MASSIVE amount of free graphics for you to download and use in your marketing efforts!

For example today I added some fantastic Web 2.0 Style Headers, Footers, and Download Buttons!

So join now! Click here so you can get the same benefits members are going crazy about!

Free Clipart 4 Me means free downloads for YOU!

Download Free Clipart & Graphics!


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